Dragon Hall Trust

OUR PHILOSOPHY / Behind everything we do…


Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust provides opportunities for social, educational & recreational activities developed for & by the members of our diverse communities, especially those at risk from social exclusion & isolation. We actively encourage partnership working, collaboration & innovation to improve the quality of life for all our communities.


To become increasingly self-sustaining through the development of innovative, creative and forward thinking initiatives, activities and revenue streams.

Children &
Young People

We provide a safe & supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to develop their own talents, passions & abilities. We actively encourage partnerships, communication, creativity, inclusivity & equality with an outward looking focus. We provide access to skills, training and personal development to support young people to realise their potential.


We are committed to innovation and continuous learning & development to ensure people can take advantage of opportunities not normally accessible to them. We develop new initiatives, supported by our organisational & business partners. We actively encourage new ideas and embrace new technology and emerging trends.


We partner with a number of high profile businesses who relate strongly to our values and objectives. They choose to give something back to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Their generosity improves our longer term sustainability. We are keen to engage with more like-minded businesses.


We provide a supportive and safe environment where each individual is encouraged to develop their talents, passions and abilities. We offer a wide range of social, educational and recreational activities and events. Many are developed in partnership with other organisations or local people.