Virtual Reality Sessions at SoapBox Islington

Virtual Reality Sessions

SoapBox Islington runs regular daytime sessions with young autistic people, from Courtyard School. As part of these workshops, young people discover 3D Printing, Games Design, Music Production and Virtual Reality. 

The Virtual Reality work is run by a Peer Educator. The first session started with some ice breakers so that the young people got to know our staff and felt comfortable with them. After these, young people were shown a small demo of VR which enabled them to see its immersive potential.

During the second session those young people who really enjoyed VR returned and were able to take part in a more in-depth session, where they learnt about some more advanced features and activities that are possible with our VR Cave.

This group is a joy to work with and they are clearly really enjoying the experience, and showing constant interest in VR. In 2019, we hope to work with them so that they can develop their own immersive spaces and games in VR. We will keep you posted on how we get on!

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