Live Performance at SoapBox

Unboxed Live

Combined Upstairs Space – Live performance – Wednesday – 7pm to 9pm

Continuous live performances – These are young people led events, every Wednesday young people plan/run events on a weekly basis. These YP led events can range from issues with mental health, motivational speaking or our Unboxed event where young people showcase their creative talent in music, dance, art and poetry.

SoapBox is proud to present our live evenings every last Wednesday of the month, this gives a chance for young people to showcase their talents during an evening of performances.

Young people plan, budget and  deliver the event within the 4 weeks timeframe. Young people meet weekly, Social media & promotion is also primary in promoting the event.

Some of the outcomes young people people will achieve are communication, events management, entrepreneurship and artist development, Events run on the last Wednesday of every month.

Please contact Nick@dragonhall.org.uk