Radio at Soapbox

Lit Radio

In the Radio Studio
Lit Radio
Tuesday & Thursday 4pm to 8pm

In the AV Suite
Lit Radio Production
Tuesday & Thursday 4pm to 6pm
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm to 8pm

Lit Radio is a platform for young people to learn Radio Skills at Soapbox, this gives the chance for young people to participate in 6 week programs of learning to teach them how to use the equipment, learn interview skills, presentation skills and create content for the Radio station.  Some other things young people will achieve by attending this course would be;

  • Digital skills to meet talent crisis threatening to derail economic growth
  • Music programme co-production with YP
  • Giving YP access to emerging technologies in digital music production
  • Social outreach development with YP. Young People connecting and contributing to the greater community and their peers through the Young Cities digital vision using online radio as the delivery for change