SoapBox Programme

DJ Workshop

This session is open to all young people

For beginners, the first stage is to demystify the equipment. Gain a rudimentary understanding of how the turntables and mixer work and how to put them to good use.

The next stage is learning the basics, how to mix and blend from one track to the next and how to make the most of the equipment.

Finally, you will learn about turntablism, the art of using a turntable as an instrument. Starting with basic scratching then moving up in complexity as you progress.

More in depth workshops are planned for later in the year. Starting after the October half term, SoapBox will be holding a 6 week course with DJ Shorty which gives a much deeper dive.

This will explore the different types of DJs, e.g. radio vs club. Teach more complex methods of mixing, the importance of music selection, planning and executing a good set and how to go about getting work as a DJ.

To book a session, email either or


  • Tuesday 18:00 — 20:00