Robotics and AI at Soapbox Islington

Robotics & AI

Tuesdays 5pm to 7pm

Learn all about design, robotics and how to launch a tech company…

Buzz Technology, a London based tech company, run Tuesday afternoon sessions from 5pm to 7pm. Join the company’s journey bringing their range of sales, marketing and hospitality products to market.

Workshop Structure:

  • Activities include 3D Printing, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence;
  • Opportunities to work both individually and in groups on projects.

Senake Atureliya, the company’s founder will deliver the sessions. He is passionate about tech and education. His sessions cover:

  • Introduction to the robot & interactive talk
  • Conceiving and developing a product –  fun brainstorm session – case study: our Drone-in-a-Phone case (
  • Validating the solution and testing the market – focus group – help “shape” the design of the robot
  • Enhancing and debugging the design – hands on – put your CAD, 3D printing and coding skills to good use
  • Attracting customers – create a story and come up with marketing materials. Let’s get the message out!
  • The sales and demo process – sit in on real live customer demo’s;
  • Launch & celebration!…with a series of pop up Robot Restaurant events at SoapBox.

These workshops are open to all young people aged between 13 and 25 years old.



  • Tuesday 17:00 — 19:00