Soapbox Live Performance

Weekly Live Events

Capsule Evolution. Wednesdays 4pm to 8pm. Free and open to all young people

Develop and hone your performance abilities and showcase your talents in a safe and intimate space. Celebrate DJ, MC, Poetry, Solo Acts and band culture.

These monthly events focus on a range of creative arts 

  • Create an exhibition, perform and share your skills with an audience
  • Learn about time management, delegating and  teamwork
  • Maximise resources and collaborate
  • Promote creative expression
  • Engage different communities and provide social value

    1. a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker.

    These events are open to all young people aged between 16 and 25 years old.

Toastmasters (Every quarter)

Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm every quarter

Soapbox, Loud Futures and Wipers Youth presents an evening of live debates and networking opportunities across all sectors.

We invite all professionals, academics, youth and community workers and young people to join us for an event focused on sharing information and enabling young people to voice their opinions on topics they are currently facing.

  • Guest speakers
  • Live debates and panel discussions
  • Q&A section
  • Performances

Young people and staff at SoapBox will co-create the themes for each Toastmasters event, based on current issues that face young people in Islington and beyond. Additionally, events will include:

  • How to develop relationships beyond your usual networks
  • Be empowered to explore and address issues
  • How to disagree, but not fall out
  • Ways to bring about real, lasting change

These events are open to all young people aged between 16 and 25 years old.

LVN Industry Insight Night


First Wed of the month – 5.30-7.30pm

Come along for an evening of conversation and debate (AND Pizza).

Meet with inspiring professionals from a range of backgrounds and industries and find out about their career journey. Get tips and support for your own career path.

LVN endeavour to level out the playing field and give you the necessary knowledge and skill set to navigate your way around various career opportunities.

  • Training in CV’s and cover letter preparation,
  • Practice interpersonal skills, organisational skills and learning about leadership
  • Time management techniques
  • Discussing/ practising interview tips and techniques
  • Learning about how to get and keep a job

These workshops are open to all young people aged between 16 and 24 years old.

Other Sessions

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