Dance at SoapBox Islington


The Beginner’s Level Dance Class is open to all ages, from 13-25 years old


When you join this class, you will take part in a weekly programme of urban and hip-hop dance styles, with choreographers Josh Pagal and Moh Jones.

In taking your first steps into this world, you will learn the basics of urban and hip-hop dance styles, be taken through easy choreography step by step and be able to practice your own routines. If you enjoy the Beginner’s Level, there is the possibility to progress into our Intermediate Class.

The Intermediate Class consists of higher level choreography for dancers who want to challenge themselves and feel more confident in learning. This will be a more intense and fast-learning class which will give dancers the opportunity to become more experienced in the world of dance. In addition, you will have the option of developing your own routines that you can perform at our monthly Live Music Event.

The beginners session takes place every Tuesday between 4:00pm-6pm and the Intermediate Session takes place between 6pm and 8pm. For more information, please contact Michael-

Please be sure to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes to class, also a bottle of water would be recommended.


  • Communication- Expressing;
  • Relationships- Valuing & contributing to teamwork;
  • Creativity- Remaining open to new ideas;
  • Planning- Organising;
  • Cultural Expression.


Beginners & Intermediate Dance Classes

  • Beginners
  • Tuesday 16:00 — 18:00
  • Intermediate
  • Tuesday 18:00 — 20:00