May half term at Soapbox Islington

May Holiday 2019

Free and open to all young people aged 13 to 25

May Holiday Programme

Starting on Tuesday 28th to Saturday 1st June 2019
All activities are open to all young people unless marked as a closed group.

Tuesday 28th
10am to 3pm – Digital Pathways (Closed Group)
1pm to 4pm – Open Access and Studio Bookings
4pm to 6pm – Your 2050 Cook Up & Discussion
Robotics & AI workshop – Studio Hire

Wednesday 29th
10am to 3pm –
Digital Pathways (Closed Group)
1pm to 4pm – Open Access & Studio Bookings
4pm to 6pm – Game Box – Studio Hire

Thursday 30th
10am to 3pm – Digital Pathways (Closed Group)
1pm to 4pm – Open Access & Tech Discovery
4pm to 6pm – Environmental Project – Studio Hire

Friday 31st
10am to 3pm –
Digital Pathways (Closed Group)
3pm to 6pm – Closed

Saturday 1st June
10am to 4pm –
Study Support
12pm to 4pm – Music & Podcast Production
4pm to 6pm – Study Support

Sessions 4pm to 6pm

Digital Pathways – Exploring a range of exciting technologies – mobile app design, virtual reality, 3D printing & pens and smart cities. You will take part in a Tech Action Project and develop entrepreneurial skills.You will choose a technology and design a piece of technology that can benefit society. Develop your product and get to prototype stage. Build a crowdfunding page to raise money to take your product to market.

Open Access & Studio Bookings – use the space and explore VR, 3D printing, game design and more. Book a free studio with a qualified engineer using industry standard software Logic ProX and Ableton. Email to book your time.

Your 2050 is an online discussion tool. Explore topics in politics, culture and media. Question the world, come up with new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Robotics & AI Workshop Working with Buzz Technology we will be running sessions where young people join the company’s journey bringing their range of sales, marketing and hospitality products to market.

Game Box Event Learn about the games industry, socialise and broaden knowledge about careers in the field and express your creative potential.

Environmental Project Co-produced with young people to put into practice environmental work that makes a positive change

Podcast Production An introductory course in podcast production. No previous recording or editing experience necessary.